Introduction to MLDesigner

MLDesigner is an IDE for the design of system scenarios/missions and systems itself. It's multi-domain simulator for the first time permits the seemless integration of the design flow from mission/operational level to implementation handoff and test of complex designs. The design flow may include:

MLDesigner is the integrated developement environment for design and analysis of a broad range of applications, from complex systems like mobile/fixed communication networks, satellite communication/navigation/observation
system design, performance and architecture tradeoff of electronic systems and chips, and automotive navigation/communication system design to simple logic design.

MLDesigner consists of:

MLDesigner supports:

The MLDesigner-SatLab interface gives MLDesigner access to SatLab’s mission simulations capabilities of mobile communication nodes and satellites, SatLab’s terrain data base system and terrain based channel models and the SatLab Command Language (SCL) (similar to Ctrl-C and Matlab) and it’s more than 450 functions.

You can construct a system model through the graphical editor or the PTcl command language. You may specify the functionality of your modules by a hierarchical block diagram, a finite state machine, a module defined in the C/C++ like PL language, or by a PTcl module definition. Multidomain simulation modules can be combined and simulated together. The simulation results may be viewed through an animation view while the simulation is running and/or by the post-processing graphical plots.