Create a Sub-library

As mentioned above a library in MLDesigner is used to hold all kind of models like systems, modules, primitives and sub-libraries. You can create a sub-library called MySubLibrary as follows:

  1. Click File from the main menu bar and choose New or click the corresponding tool button New Model. A Create New Model dialog is displayed.
  2. Choose Library from the Type of Model drop-down menu.
  3. Specify the name for your library by setting Logical Name to MySubLibrary. The logical name can contain any character in contrast to the physical name.
  4. Click the icon to the right of the Library field. Select First Steps from the selection dialog. The new library becomes a sub-library of the one selected.
  5. The Physical Name field is set automatically when you click in the next input field. If not given manually, the physical name is derived from logical name by replacing all characters different from letter, digit, or ’_’ with an '_’. You can give the sub-library a different physical name to the logical name. The logical name appears in the Library View window.
  6. The Physical Location field is set automatically to $MLD_USER/First_Steps.

    A sub-library is created by default as a sub-directory within the directory of the library to which it belongs. That is, the physical hierarchy of libraries corresponds always to directory structure. Even though you can change the physical location, we do not recommend to change it.

  7. You have the opportunity to type a brief description for your library in the Description input field. This text appears in the tool tip text when the cursor is placed over the Library in the tree view window and as an introduction for the online documentation which is automatically generated.
  8. Click OK button to create the library

Another possibility to create a sub-library is to right-click on a existing library item in the Tree View. Select the New Model context menu item. A sub-menu opens by which you can invoke the creation of a model of given type in the library. Select the Library menu item to open the Create New Model dialog. The advantage of using the context menu on an item in the Tree View to create a new model within a library is that all of the relevant information is filled in the according input fields. You only have to specify the name of the new model.