Multiple Iterations and Parameter Sets

It is possible to run simulation permutations using a combination of multiple iterations and a number of parameter sets.

Now, we want to run a simulation with two iterations. Click the Switch to Edit Mode button in the toolbar before proceeding. Make sure no port or model instance is selected in the system window. If needed, click somewhere in the system window, without selecting any elements, to switch the property editor back to the System Properties. Expand the ScaleFactor row, enter 1.0; 2.0 as Value and change the Scope to External. Start the simulation by clicking the Go button. Two graphs display after the simulation is complete. You can add more values separated by a semicolon and run the simulation again. Every entry indicates a new iteration of the whole simulation run.

The next step is to add a new parameter set. If you are still in the simulation mode, click the Switch to Edit Mode button in the toolbar to leave to the edit mode. Click the left mouse button while the cursor is positioned in the grey bounding box of the system in the Model Editor Window to ensure no model instances are selected. A small window between Tree View window and the Property Editor Window is visible. Place the cursor in the window titled Parameter Set 1 and activate the context menu. Choose New Parameter Set. The title of this window changes to Parameter Set 2. All the settings in the System Properties tab remain the same as in Parameter Set 1. Change the Scope of SawIncrement to External and then change the value field of parameters ScaleFactor to 3.0 and SawIncrement to 0.5; 0.25. Save the system and run the simulation again. You now see four graphs. The result of this simulation should be self-explanatory.