Add Parameter

We now need to add a parameter to the module. A parameter is used as a fixed value to change the behavior of the model without recompiling it.

  1. Make sure no port or model instance is selected in the module window. If needed, click somewhere in the module window, without selecting any elements, to switch the property editor back to the Module Properties. The Property Editor should have the first entry named Logical Name with the name of your module MyAdderModule.
  2. Right-click with the mouse somewhere in the Property Editor. Use the New Parameter
    context menu item. The new parameter (indicated with a P icon) is now listed on the bottom of the list.
  3. Click on the Name row and change the name of the parameter to ScaleFactor.
  4. Change the Data Type row to float.
  5. Change Value to 1.0.
  6. Changes to other fields are not necessary.