Classes for Displaying Animated Bar Graphs

The BarGraph class creates a Tk window to display a bar graph that can be modified dynamically, while a simulation runs.

Here you see an example with 8 data sets and 6 bars per data set:

The most useful methods of the class are summarized in below table.

Class BarGraph




int setup (...)


start a fresh plot; return FALSE if setup fails


Block* parent

pointer to the block using the class


char* desc

label for the bar graph


int numInputs

the number of data sets to plot


int numBars

the number of bars per data set to show at once


double top

the numerical value that will produce the highest bar


double bottom

the numerical value that will produce the lowest bar


char* geometry

the starting position for the window (e.g. +0+0 or -0-0)


double width

the starting width of the window (in cm)


double height

the starting height of the window (in cm)

int update (...)


modify or add a bar; return FALSE if it fails


int dataSet

the number of the data set (starting with 0)


int bar

the horizontal position of the point to plot


double y

the requested height of the bar