String Functions and Classes

The MLDesigner kernel defines some ordinary functions (not classes) plus two classes that are useful for building and manipulating C style strings.


The non-class string functions are summarized in table String functions . This includes functions for copying strings, adding strings to a system-wide hash table and creating temporary filenames. The non-class pathname functions are summarized in table Path search functions . These functions are for expanding filenames that might begin with a reference to a user’s home directory ~user or contain a shell environment variable $VAR. Also provided is a function for verifying that an external program to be invoked is available, and a function for searching the user’s path.


Two classes are provided for manipulating strings, InfString and StringList, these classes are summarized in table Class StringList and table Class InfString . The InfString class inherits all of the methods from StringList, adding only the cast to char*.