The TextTable class has an iterator called TextTableIter, where the next method and ++ operator return a pointer to class TextEntry. This class inherits the const char* key() method from the HashEntry class which returns the key for the entry. But it implements its own value() method that returns a const char*.

Class TextTable




void clear ()


empty the table

void cleanup (...)


deallocate the string pointed to by p


Pointer p


int hasKey (...)


create an entry containing a copy of string; a previous entry with the same key is replaced and the cleanup method is called to deallocate its memory


const char* key



const char* string


const char* lookup (...)


loop up an entry with the given key; return 0 if there is no such entry


const char* key


int remove (...)


remove the entry with the given key from the table and deallocate its memory


const char* key


int size ()


return the number of entries in the hash table