Miscellaneous functions

int numRows()

Return the number of rows in the matrix.

int numCols()

Return the number of columns in the matrix.

Message* clone()

Example: IntMatrix* B = A.clone();
Return a copy of *this.

StringList print()

Example: A.print()
Return a formatted StringList that can be printed to display the contents of the matrix in a reasonable format.

XXXMatrix& multiply (const XXXMatrix& left,
                     const XXXMatrix& right,
                     XXXMatrix& result)

Example: multiply(A,B,C);
This is a faster 3 operand form of matrix multiply such that the result matrix is passed as an argument so that we avoid the extra copy step that is involved when we write C = A * B.

const char* dataType()

Example: A.dataType()
Return a string that specifies the name of the type of matrix. The strings are ComplexMatrix, FixMatrix, FloatMatrix, and IntMatrix.

int isA(const char* type)

Example: if(A.isA("FixMatrix")) ...
Return TRUE if the argument string matches the type string of the matrix.