Generic Type Operations

The methods provided by all data structure classes encompass functions for identifaction, type examination, and conversion as well as assignment and comparison operators.

Identification functions



String getName ()

Returns the name of a data structure

String getFullName ()

Returns the full name of a data structure

String getUniqueName ()

Returns the unique name of a data structure

Type examination functions



bool isA (const Type& pType) const

Tests if the type has the same name as pType.

bool isParentOf (const Type* pChild) const

Tests if pChild is a data structure derived from this data structure

bool isChildOf (const Type* pParent) const

Tests if pParent is a parent of this data structure

Conversion functions



String toString () const

Returns the string representation of a data structure

void createFromString (const char* pString) throw(Exception)

This method sets all the data structure's values conforming to the string representation. When you call this function you should be careful to place it in a try catch block. The exception is thrown when the syntax of pString is invalid.




const Type& operator = (const Type&)

Sets all values to the values provided by the parameter. If the parameter is not of the same type, a DataTypeException is thrown

bool operator == (const Type&)

Tests if two data structures are equal.

bool operator != (const Type&)

First the type is tested, and, if they are the same type, values are tested.