Init and WrapUp Primitives

The two primitives Init and WrapUp changed in the DE domain with version 2.3.

Thereafter systems using these primitives display a warning in the log console when the simulation is executed. The warning asks that you look at the online documentation for details about the changes. It is important to know that these primitives are not automatically replaced by the new primitives. Problems arise if a system uses MLDesigner modules containing these primitives and an instance of the primitive is also used in the system.

The primitive instance in the module has been replaced with the new WrapUp or Init primitive but the primitive instance is not automatically updated. We recommend you replace the old instance of the primitive with the new.

The new Init and WrapUp:

  1. allow negative values for relative order;
  2. use descending order firing (from relative order variables, so 1 fires before 0).

The old version of Init and WrapUp, (now called Init_2_2 and WrapUp_2_2 respectively, are stored in the Compatibility library):

  1. do not allow negative values for relative order.
  2. use ascending order firing (0 fires before 1)

Do not mix old and new Init and WrapUp primitives in a system as this will lead to conflicts.