FLEXnet licensing error codes

Error code Description
20 FlexNet Publisher Licensing Service is not installed
10 Error creating path from URL.
9 Error creating URL.
8 Path string not specified in UTF-8 format.
5 Unable to allocate resources.
4 Initialization failed.
3 Unsupported version of the operating system.
-1 Cannot find license file.
-2 Invalid license file syntax.
-3 No license server system for this feature.
-4 Licensed number of users already reached.
-5 No such feature exists.
-6 No TCP/IP port number in license file, and FlexNet Publisher Licensing Service does not exist.
-7 No socket connection to license server manager service.
-8 Invalid (inconsistent) license key or signature. The license key/signature and data for the feature do not match. This usually happens when a license file has been altered.
-9 Invalid host. The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file.
-10 Feature has expired.
-11 Invalid date format in license file.
-12 Invalid returned data from license server system.
-13 No SERVER lines in license file.
-14 Cannot find SERVER host name in network database.
The lookup for the host name on the SERVER line in the license file failed. This often happens when NIS or DNS or the hosts file is incorrect. Work around: Use IP address (for example, 123.456.789.123) instead of host name.
-15 Cannot connect to license server system.
The server (lmadmin or lmgrd) has not been started yet, or the wrong port@host or license file is being used, or the TCP/IP port or host name in the license file has been changed.
-16 Cannot read data from license server system.
-17 Cannot write data to license server system.
-18 License server system does not support this feature.
-19 Error in select system call.
-20 License server system busy (no majority).
-21 License file does not support this version.
-22 Feature checkin failure detected at license server system.
-23 License server system temporarily busy (new server connecting).
-24 Users are queued for this feature.
-25 License server system does not support this version of this feature.
-26 Request for more licenses than this feature supports.
-29 Cannot find ethernet device.
-30 Cannot read license file.
-31 Feature start date is in the future.
-32 No such attribute.
-33 Bad encryption handshake with vendor daemon.
-34 Clock difference too large between client and license server system.
-35 In the queue for this feature.
-36 Feature database corrupted in vendor daemon.
-38 User/host on EXCLUDE list for feature.
-39 User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature.
-40 Cannot allocate dynamic memory.
-41 Feature was never checked out.
-42 Invalid parameter.
-47 Clock setting check not available in vendor daemon.
-52 Vendor daemon did not respond within timeout interval.
-53 Checkout request rejected by vendor-defined checkout filter.
-57 socket call failed.
-59 Message checksum failure.
-60 License server system message checksum failure.
-61 Cannot read license file data from license server system.
-62 Network software (TCP/IP) not available.
-63 You are not a license administrator.
-64 lmremove request before the minimum lmremove interval.
-67 No licenses available to borrow.
-68 License BORROW support not enabled.
-69 FLOAT_OK can’t run standalone on license server system.
-71 Invalid TZ environment variable.
-73 Local checkout filter rejected request.
-74 Attempt to read beyond end of license file path.
-75 SYS$SETIMR call failed (VMS). Indicates and error due to an operating system failure.
-76 Internal FlexNet Licensing error. Please report this error.
-77 Bad version number must be floating-point number with no letters.
-82 Invalid PACKAGE line in license file.
-83 FlexNet Licensing version of client newer than server.
-84 USER_BASED license has no specified users; see license server system log.
-85 License server system doesn’t support this request.
-87 Checkout exceeds MAX specified in options file.
-88 System clock has been set back.
-89 This platform not authorized by license.
-90 Future license file format or misspelling in license file.
The file was issued for a later version of FlexNet Licensing than this program understands.
-91 Encryption seeds are non-unique.
-92 Feature removed during lmreread, or wrong SERVER line hostid.
-93 This feature is available in a different license pool.
This is a warning condition. The server has pooled one or more INCREMENT lines into a single pool, and the request was made on an INCREMENT line that has been pooled.
-95 Network connect to THIS_HOST failed.
Change this_host on the SERVER line in the license file to the actual host name.
-96 License server machine is down or not responding.
Ask the system administrator if the server is running, or make sure that you’re referring to the right host (see MLD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable).
-97 The desired vendor daemon is down.
  1. Check the lmadmin or lmgrd log file, or
  2. Try lmreread
-98 This FEATURE line can’t be converted to decimal format.
-99 The decimal format license is typed incorrectly.
-101 All licenses are reserved for others.
The system administrator has reserved all the licenses for others. Reservations are made in the options file. The server must be restarted for options file changes to take effect.
-102 A FLEXid borrow error occurred.
-103 Terminal Server remote client not allowed.
-104 Cannot borrow that long.
-105 Feature already returned to license server.
-106 License server system out of network connections.
The vendor daemon can't handle any more users. See the debug log for further information.
-117 BORROW failed.
-118 BORROW period expired.
-119 lmdown and lmreread must be run on license server.
-120 Cannot lmdown the server when licenses are borrowed.
-121 FLOAT_OK requires exactly one FLEXid hostid.
-122 Unable to delete local borrow info.
-123 Returning a borrowed license early is not supported.
Contact the publisher for further details.
-124 Error returning borrowed license.
-125 A PACKAGE component must be specified.
-126 Composite hostid not initialized.
-127 An item needed for the composite hostid is missing or invalid.
-128 Error, borrowed license doesn't match any known server license.
-135 Error enabling the event log.
-136 Event logging is disabled.
-137 Error writing to the event log.
-139 Communications timeout.
-140 Bad message command.
-141 Error writing to socket. Peer has closed socket.
-142 Error, cannot generate version specific license tied to a single hostid, which is composite.
-143 Version-specific signatures are not supported for uncounted licenses.
-171 Message encryption failed. Internal error. 
-172 Message decryption failed. Internal error. 
-173 Bad filter context. Internal error.
-174 SUPERSEDE feature conflict. Contact your publisher for further information.
-175 Invalid SUPERSEDE_SIGN syntax. Contact your publisher for further information.
-176 SUPERSEDE_SIGN does not contain a feature name and license signature. Contact your publisher for further information.
-177 ONE_TS_OK is not supported in this Windows Platform.
-178 Internal error.
-179 Only one terminal server remote client checkout is allowed for this feature.
-180 Internal error.
-181 Internal error.
-182 Internal error.
-183 More than one ethernet hostid not supported in composite hostid definition. Contact your publisher for further information.
-184 The number of characters in the license file paths exceeds the permissible limit. There is a limit on the number of license files that can be used by a license server manager. This limit is on the number of characters in the combined license file paths to the license files:
  • UNIX - 40,960 characters
  • Windows - 20,400 characters
Reduce the number of license files, or relocate them so that the paths are shorter.
-187 The time zone information could not be obtained.
A license that is time zone limited could not be checked out because time zone information could not be obtained for the machine on which the license is required. Contact your publisher for further information.
-188 License client time zone not authorized for license rights.
A license that is time zone limited could not be checked out because the time zone of the machine on which the license is required does not match the time zone specified in the license.
-190 Feature can be checked out from Physical machine only.
The license specifies that it cannot be used on a virtual machine: The FlexEnabled application is installed on a virtual machine so checkout has been denied. Install the application on a physical machine.
-192 VM platform not authorized by license.
-193 FNP vendor keys do not support Virtualization feature.
-194 Checkout request denied as it exceeds the MAX limit specified in the options file.
-195 Binding agent API - Internal error.
-196 Binding agent communication error.
-197 Invalid Binding agent version.
-201 Invalid IP address used while overriding.
The IP address specified for the LM_A_INTERNET_OVERRIDE attribute, used to override the existing IP address, is invalid.